Seriously just...

Keep it simple.

Anyone who knows me knows I say "seriously!".
I think I say it a lot. I'm not sure, I'm too busy thinking about what I'm saying that goes with it. It's just that no-nonsense word that means business. Like saying "let's cut to the chase" or "isn't it obvious that this is the answer?", but in one word. Seriously. Less is more.

And doesn't life seem more complicated than ever, despite having more of everything and better ways to do it all? But at the end of the day, we still have the same needs as we modern humans have had for the last 200,000 years. So most of these messages started off as reminders to myself of little things I need to watch (the first one was "get some sleep", the second was "eat good food") instead of wondering why I have a headache, or I'm cranky or feel blah. Four hours sleep and a bag of Mars Bars is not going to make me feel like Wonder Woman (well, maybe for 5 minutes). Some were also based around those messages us parents repeatedly tell our kids (so save your voice and just point to the wall!).

I love design. I love handlettering. I love all of those beautiful print finishes out there, and am always dying for an excuse to use them, so my list of messages to myself grew into the best type of excuse!

I'm With Muriel?

This is one of my favourite scenes from one of my favourite movies. I think everyone has a bit of Muriel in them, and everyone should have a friend like Rhonda.

And I'm hoping I can create more wares with my designs. But rather than being exclusive, I'd like to think they're for everyone.
I hope Muriel and Rhonda would approve.