SERIOUSLY JUST... Look After Yourself!

Handlettered messages, printed with quality finishes to remind you of the simple things in life!

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Put some inspo on your wall!

12 little reminders of things to check in on when you're not feeling your brilliant best (or even if you are!).

Here's to seriously just looking after yourself, and feeling great every day of your life...

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All began as Handlettered designs

Sketches were tidied up, inked in and converted to digital art. Some were polished up further, some have been left with their original finish as part of the design.

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The story behind the artwork.

(and I'm With Muriel.)

Anyone who knows me knows I say "seriously!".
I think I say it a lot. I'm not sure, I'm too busy thinking about what I'm saying that goes with it. It's just that no-nonsense word that means business, like saying "let's cut to the chase" or "isn't it obvious that this is the answer?", but in one word.
And there is a bit more to the story behind the messages...